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Our Payroll Services

Payroll Processing

We process your weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay runs for your employees, casuals or contractors.

Automated Calculations

We calculate gross and net pays, allowances, deductions, liabilities, leave and super.

Keeping you compliant

All management and statutory reports provided to keep you compliant with the ATO, including SGC and payroll tax.

Payslip Distribution

We distribute payslips to all paid employees and casuals via email and via our online employee portal.

SGC Liabilities

Stay on top of your super liabilities and increases in the SGC.

Online Timesheets

Submit employees time via our online timesheets or provide us with your own.

Departmental Costings

Break your payroll into cost centres for greater analysis.

Termination Calculation

We do all the hard work for you, calculating and processing final pay runs including redundancy.

Payment Summaries

End of year payment summaries provided with a .empdupe file to upload to the ATO portal.

Secure Employee Portal

Employees can change personal details, access payslips, pay cheques and submit online timesheets.

Pay Employees Online

We provide you with an .aba file to upload to your bank and pay all employees in one go.

Flexible Options

We cater for multiple pay rates, awards, super types, allowances, liabilities, deductions and leave types.

Weekly Reporting

We provide you reporting on each pay run, providing who, when and what was paid.

Supervisor Authorisation

A supervisor or payroll officer can authorise timesheets prior to a pay run.

GL Information

Information can be provided to import into your existing accounting software.

The team at Shoebooks has been immeasurably helpful in guiding us through complex and challenging circumstances.

For the last 5 years our Hospitality business has been working with Shoebooks to manage our accounts and take care of our payroll. In this time we have experienced a bunch of business, personnel, and trading challenges. Through all the ups and downs, the team at Shoebooks has provided consistent and helpful support.

They enable us to operate safely, knowing that our staff are being paid properly, and that we are not inadvertently in breach of Award provisions, as they continually update their systems in line with evolving provisions. Their online accounts system is easily accessible and navigable, and immensely useful for our managers and our Accountant.

Most particularly, the team at Shoebooks has been immeasurably helpful in guiding us through the complex and challenging circumstances presented by COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions. Our survival (to this point) can be largely credited to their comprehensive understanding of continually emergent and evolving allowances/funds/grants/taxes/rebates, etc., and the care they have taken to ensure we put forward our eligibility in a robust fashion.

Madame Brussells Pty Ltd


Bookkeeping Services

$80 per hour

Payroll Processing

$80 per hour or $2-$4 per timesheet

Financial & Systems Consulting

$120 per hour

Customer Feature Development

$135 per hour

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Shoebooks is 100% Australian owned and operated, and all our staff are employees not contractors.
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